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The 2022 HD Wiffleball Classic will take place on Saturday, August 27th. Registration is now open. Sign up today. 


The annual HD Wiffleball Classic has raised over $20,000 since starting the tournament in 2014. Wiffle Dees took home the championship in 2021. Will your team be next?

All proceeds from this event go to families affected by Huntington Disease.



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what is Huntington's Disease?

Huntington's Disease (HD) is an inherited disorder resulting in slow and irreversible loss of both mental and physical capacity. HD typically begins in mid-life, between the ages of 30 and 45, though onset may occur as early as the age of 2. Children who develop the juvenile form of the disease rarely live to adulthood. It is characterized by a loss of neurons in certain regions of the brain and progressively affects a sufferer's cognition, personality and motor skills. In its later stages, sufferers almost certainly require continual nursing care.



The HD Classic is a slow-pitch wiffleball tournament with base running. Teams compete in tournament pool play. Winning teams advance to championship rounds.



Participants are required to use sportsmanship, which allows the Championship to maintain its balance of competition and fun.



The pool play round of the 2019 Championship will begin at 10:00am ET on Saturday, June 29th.  Game times and pool assignments will be announced the week of the tournament.

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